Shareholder liquidity
requires the right


Our partnership is dedicated to providing liquidity solutions to private company shareholders through:

      Direct Secondaries

      GP Solutions


Developing the Direct Secondary Market

Direct Secondary Solutions
for Private Equity Shareholders
  • $2.5Bn Capital
  • 50+ Portfolio Companies

More Time. More Flexibility. More Capital.

As a provider of secondary exits to shareholders, we give companies more time, flexibility and capital to execute their growth plans.


Growth Capital

Improved Shareholder Alignment

Our Approach to Direct Secondaries

Direct Secondaries

We appreciate that private equity investors, whether GPs, corporations, financial institutions or individuals, face liquidity needs unrelated to a company’s opportunity. We recognize there are a plethora of reasons why it is appropriate for an investor to sell even in companies with outstanding future return potential. We invest in opportunities where we can offer liquidity to selected shareholders and then work with ongoing investors and management teams to execute long-term growth plans. By offering interim liquidity to shareholders, W Capital better aligns the longer-term shareholder base and empowers management to continue executing on its growth objectives. Once shareholders, we actively support our portfolio companies by providing access to our broad network of relationships, board involvement and expansion capital to finance growth and acquisitions.

  •  Direct secondary share purchases
  •  Partial sell-downs
  •  Tender offers
  •  Minority recapitalizations
  •  Rollover equity
  •  Primary / secondary offerings
  •  Portfolio purchases

GP Solutions

W Capital provides liquidity solutions for many of the world’s leading private equity firms. Over the past several years, top-tier private equity firms have embraced secondary solutions as an effective management tool, spearheading transactions for some of their best assets. We partner with control sponsors seeking to continue growing well-performing companies while selling down a minority position or providing co-investor liquidity. Benefits include capturing a gain, reducing the time pressure for a full exit and bringing on a minority partner with equity reserves for potential future expansion capital.

GP-led secondary transactions are when an asset or portfolio of assets is purchased from a fund managed by a GP and put into a new vehicle with reset economics, duration and terms for the existing GP to continue managing the asset(s) going forward. These transactions offer selling LPs liquidity while affording electing prior investors and new LPs the opportunity to back the next phase of a company’s growth.

We have expertise and case studies where we can provide you with a range of liquidity and structural options to optimize your fund cash flows and asset level returns.

  •  Portfolio asset sales
  •  Partial sell downs
  •  Continuation funds
  •  Acquisition funds
  •  Coinvestor liquidity

Target Companies

We look for opportunities to partner with other institutional investors in investments operating in our target sectors that have reached a minimum scale of $50 million in revenues, and are profitable or with clear visibility to profitability.

  •  Software
  •  Financial technology & services
  •  Business services
  •  Industrial
  •  Healthcare
  •  Education technology
  •  eCommerce & Consumer
  •  Media

Our Focus



5% to 40%


US & Europe

Geographic Focus

Portfolio Companies

  • Renaissance
  • Dynacast
  • Skytap
  • Ping Identity
  • Workfront
  • Neolane
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